Classic cars in London. 

West London Classics would like to welcome you to our Website & services.

We specialise in Classics, and Future Classics. For example we have a love for VW’s and Mini’s ,and Porsches.

ITALIAN CLASSIC CARS are OUR PASSIONE , Speak to Salvo re any Italian car .

We have a selection of VW GOLFs  Mk 1, 2, 3 and 4’s in all models for sale. Simply click on Showroom for these.

With our mini’s range, all classics are wanted and we have a selection of mini’s for sale. Again, to view these
simply click on Showroom.


Porsches, What can I say? We sell, buy and restore them all!

We are available for a chat for what you are looking for, our restorations are second to none, and we think we are
sensible on the pricing, so why not speak to us today?

The other services are transport covered and open to the whole of the UK and Europe. There is a big collecting
scene going on at the moment. Investing in the classics is big as the rate of value keeps going upwards.
(better than money in the bank! )We offer an opinion on the collecting scene, and can help in storage
covered etc.


Contact us for further info by emailing us

Classic cars in London.